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Your intuition is the key to clarity.

My mental health journey set me on my personal and spiritual growth path.

I felt like a shell of a person when my father died from his addiction in 2015. For too long I had avoided the trauma I had faced growing up in a dysfunctional home. Unbeknownst to be, my trauma had manifested into daily panic attacks that affected my ability to function in my every-day life. 

Six doctors later and no diagnosis for my symptoms, I turned toward meditation and alternative healing practices that set me on my path of healing. I quickly learned how connected our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is.

Within a few months, I was able to successfully manage my anxiety. What I didn't expect was the spiritual awakening that occurred from the self-healing work I was doing.


I was extremely turned off by religion due to my Catholic upbringing. At age 8 a priest told me I was destined for hell because my parents couldn’t consistently take me to church. Yet the more I did my healing work, the stronger this inexplicable spiritual connection became.


So, I began my study.


The deeper I dove, the louder my intuition got, and the more clarity, wealth, and peace I experienced in my life. That’s when I knew where my true purpose lived.

The message has been loud and clear: get them back to their intuition and they'll find what they are looking for. 


Through my clarity sessions, classes and programs, I guide women through the personal and spiritual growth process to break through their limitations so they can live the life their soul intended.

Whether it's 1:1 sessions, group classes, or becoming a member of the Step Into Your Magic program, we'll be creating the blueprint to strengthen your relationship to your intuition so you can experience more ease, clarity, and prosperity in your life.

Were you awakened like me? Let me help you. 


I studied under Mentor and Visionary Guide, Denise Elizabeth Byron. I become a teacher and embodiment coach in the Divine Feminine embodiment practice Sensuous Wisdom™. I've worked with Modern Medicine Woman, Sand Symes, for a deeper understanding of Shamanic Practice.  I’ve also worked with Psychic Medium, Emily Greene, to fine-tune my psychic mediumship practice. I studied under Tori Washington for a deeper understanding of embodying wealth. I've also studied under Meditation + Mindfulness Master and Spiritual Teacher, Mandy Trapp, who was taught by Deepak Chopra.


Want to get started but don't know where?



Side Projects: 

Jenna writes for Thought Catalog. For more announcements on collaborations follow Jenna on Instagram. 

Jenna Monaco Designs is a merchandise brand with a mission to give back. Select designs are created for charities or non-profits. You can check out the merchandise by clicking the shop tab above.


Fun Facts:

Empath | INFJ | 2 on the Enneagram | Projector 


I graduated from FIDM with an AA in Apparel Merchandise Marketing and I have a BA in Creative Writing from SFSU.


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