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Jenna Monaco

Writer + Creator, Speaker,

Modern Mystic

Host of the Spark Intention Podcast


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"What once was a 3-hour nightly nightmare became my saving grace."

My mental health journey set me on my personal and spiritual growth path.

When my father died from his addiction in 2015, the depression settled in, the 3 AM panic attacks took over, and I had no idea what was happening to me.

Six doctors later and no diagnosis for my symptoms, I turned toward meditation and alternative healing practices and everything changed. Within a few months, I was learning just how connected our physical body is to our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Once I was able to successfully manage my anxiety, something deeper took root; a desire to share what I'd learned in hopes that others could use these tools too and fall in love with their life again as I had.

As a self-proclaimed skeptic who has been burned by organized religion in the past, to say I was wary of anything "spiritual" would be a vast understatement.


At the risk of seeming trite, the truth is what it is; the tools that helped me heal and feel whole again do fall under the umbrella of "mysticism".

The Modern Mystic was born.


My passion lies in demystifying these spiritual tools by showing others the science, and how to practically apply them in their everyday life. 

I am not your guru.

I am not your healer.

I am not your spiritual leader.


I'm a human in progress who has learned a lot on this holistic journey, including becoming a certified and trained facilitator of the modalities that were life-changing for me:

1. Stress Coaching

2. Divine Feminine Embodiment

3. Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching

4. Reiki 1&2 Practitioner

5. Breathwork Facilitator (In progress)

6. Psychic/Mediumship/Intuitive Development


I'll be honest, what you're looking for? The clarity, wealth (financially and otherwise), fulfillment, and peace of mind? There's no magic pill. No quick fix. That doesn't mean there's no possibility or hope though. In fact, quite the opposite. Our brain is amazing and we can change so much of our wiring. With a little self-compassion and dedication, anything is possible.


 You will experience more peace, clarity, confidence, and fulfillment as a result of this work. 


All of my work, whether it be 1:1 or in classes is about supporting creative womxn through their personal and spiritual growth process.

My intention is that you become self-sufficient in your growth process. I'll help you set a solid foundation from which you get to build the rest of your life. This foundation is set through a process I call, stepping into your magic.


The process is centered around showing you the power of intention and intention-based living, so you have all the tools you need to change your life. Whether it be needing to re-program limiting beliefs, bust through mental blocks, and/or revive your love for yourself and your life, intention-based living is a gift that keeps giving.


As a result, you'll discover and learn to trust your built-in life coach--your intuition.

Are you ready to quiet your inner critic and say yes to you?

My education:

I studied under Mentor and Visionary Guide, Denise Elizabeth Byron. I become a teacher and embodiment coach in the Divine Feminine embodiment practice Sensuous Wisdom™. I've worked with Modern Medicine Woman, Sand Symes, for a deeper understanding of Shamanic Practice.  I’ve also worked with Psychic Medium, Emily Greene, to fine-tune my psychic mediumship practice. I studied under Tori Washington for a deeper understanding of embodying wealth. I am a certified Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner in the Usui Tradition from Palo Alto Reiki. I've also studied under Meditation + Mindfulness Master and Spiritual Teacher, Mandy Trapp, who was taught at the Chopra Center. 

Want to see if working together is a good fit for you?

Side Projects: 

Jenna writes for Thought Catalog. For more announcements on collaborations follow Jenna on Instagram. 

Co-Author of The Rising Sisterhood Book 2: Silence Limiting Beliefs & Create Unshakeable Confidence

Jenna Monaco Designs is a merchandise brand with a mission to give back. Select designs are created for charities or non-profits. You can check out the merchandise by clicking the shop tab in the menu.


Fun Facts:

Empath | INFJ | 2 on the Enneagram | Projector | Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Cancer Rising


I graduated from FIDM with an AA in Apparel Merchandise Marketing and I have a BA in Creative Writing from SFSU.


"What healing are we denying ourselves by writing these tools off as too out there?"

It's time to bridge the gap between science and spirituality so we can live life liberated.

I'd trade moments of discomfort for a lifetime of fulfillment, wouldn't you?

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Please check back in 2022.

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