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Restore Me

Mafi is a master at prose and character development. I marvel at her innate ability to cultivate stories with such vivid details and interpersonal relationships.

Children Of Blood and Bone

The story, the characters, the world building--it's epic. This book will transport you from page one and it doesn't spit you out until you've laughed, cried, and felt every emotion in between. Surpassing this book as my top choice for 2018 will be extremely difficult!

"They Both Die at the End"

Two boys, Mateo and Rufus get a phone call that they will die today. The two find each other through an app called the "Last Friend" and the story begins. The boys expect to die today, but what they don't predict is how much they will change in 24 hours. Silvera effortlessly weaves this tale together as there are so many factors at play between characters, circumstances and obstacles. Captivating, touching and absolutely stunning. 10/10. Releases 9/5/17

Calling My Name

10/10 for this stunning debut. I felt weightless after reading this book. Like my heart had been aching for this story and I didn't even know it. Captivating from beginning to end. Tamani's lyrical voice and characters make for an incredible reading experience. Debut: October 24th 2017. You are missing out if you don't read this. Incredible.

Goodbye Days

This is a beautiful, suspenseful, and heartbreaking novel about three boys who die in a car accident because the driver happened to be texting back the main character, Carver. Carver holds himself accountable for the tragic death of his three best friends, and he is not alone. Two of the three grieving families feel Carver is also responsible. Because of this, Carver may also might face charges of involuntary manslaughter. A gorgeous portrayal of grief, consequence and hope.

This book makes my top 3 favorite books of all time. Not only did I feel all of the emotions you could possibly feel while reading a book, but I also felt captivated from start to finish. This is a stop whatever you're doing and read this kind of book. The writing is absolutely gorgeous, and the characters are so vibrant and raw. I love each and every one of them as if they were my best friends. I could keep going, but I'm already babbling. Magnificent.

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