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Journey with Your Magic Meditation

Meditation class for magic!

Weekly guided meditations for more clarity and peace.


Effectively Manage Stress:

Meditation is an essential part of the stress-reduction process in my programs. Not only will you have a 1:1 personalized meditation, but you'll also be able to take this meditation with you for years to come.

On Your Time:

For all Levels:

Sessions happen via phone, Zoom, or FaceTime. This virtual 1:1 meditation class allows you to de-stress anywhere!


This 1:1 experience is designed on an individual level, whether you're just beginning, haven't had much luck in the past, or are a seasoned meditator, I've got a number of breathing exercises and meditations to take from so we can find the one that best serves you.

Full Transparency Investment

1:1 30 Min Meditation



10 Day Meditation Kick-Start:

$197.00 a month

Save $23  - (1 free 1:1 Meditation Session) 

Includes 10 consecutive days of:

  • 1:1 30 min meditation sessions

  • Sound bowl healing

  • Mantra Meditations

  • Chakra alignment activation meditation

  • AM + PM Meditation Playlist for Spotify

  • Deep-dive into personalized meditations

  • Accountability for those creating their practice




How are these meditations structured?

  • In order to see the best physiological results from meditation, you have to sit in meditation for about 20 minutes a day, that being said, we will have a 5-minute check-in before we sit in our 20-minute meditation and a 5-minute check-out before we part ways for the day.

Do you have group classes?

  • At this time, I only have 1:1 and the 10-day kick-start. 

  • Stay tuned for meditation class information by signing up for my mailing list.

How does the 10-day kickstart work?

  • You'll sign up for your 10 days using my Calendly booking system, and you will be invoiced for $197. This will need to be paid in full before we begin our sessions. 

Still have questions?

Let me know when group meditation classes are available:

Thanks for submitting!

Are you ready to change your life one breath at a time?

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