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1:1 Single Guidance Call

Like an advice column in real-time!

Sometimes you don't need to hire a coach per-say but you do need a little unbiased advice and support. That's what these calls are for!


30 Minutes:

This time is for YOU. You would be surprised at how much we can accomplish in just 30 minutes!

Tips, Tools, + Takeaways:

No strings attached:

You'll be equipped with customized guidance and tools that you can simply and immediately implement into your daily life.



This is a one-off call.

Just for you to get a little extra support when you need it. 

Full Transparency Investment

Single 1:1 30 Min Call



Upgrade to Patreon Sparkler Platinum:

$88.00 a month


30 Min 1:1 Call + Exclusive Content:

  • Monthly Oracle Reading that will determine the "theme of the month"

  • Weekly Intentions based on that month's theme

  • Weekly Journal Prompts based on that month's theme

  • Monthly Self-Care checklist based on that month's theme

  • Exclusive Bonus Spark Intention Episode

  • Phone background based on that month's theme

  • Monthly AM + PM Self Care Playlist for Spotify



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