Intuitive Mentorship Program

Your Intuition IS Your Life Coach.

I'm here to help you REMEMBER.


While working 1:1 with me, clients will learn how to manage stress, strengthen their intuition, and heal emotionally so they can confidently create the success they envision for their life.

Jenna Monaco

Manage your stress:

Your stress is your greatest indicator that your intuition is trying to get through. This program will give you tools to manage your stress and listen to what your intuition is guiding you to do.

Take back your life:

For good:

In this personalized program, we work with fine-tuning your relationship with your intuition, growing your confidence, and move through your shadows, so you can live the life you want to live.



Once you learn these tools and practices, there's no going back. You'll be forever transformed from this experience. Are you ready to step into your next level life?

Jenna is a true guiding light, bright and shining and steady! She has such a way of making you feel understood and accepted, and of presenting things in a way that makes you say, "oh yeah, that makes so much sense!" There are never any shoulds with Jenna, like you should be here, or you should be there, or doing this, or doing that.


She makes you feel as though you're in exactly the right place, while also pushing you toward your highest potential. I am eternally grateful for Jenna's guidance and have complete confidence that I'm on the right path thanks to her.

-Kristina Mahr, Author

What's Included:

6 Months- 18 Months of 1:1 Guidance + Coaching:

  • 6 Months 1:1 work together

  • Evaluation for a 6-month extension

2 - 90 Minute Monthy Calls Plus Exclusive All-Access Pass:

  • VIA phone, zoom, or FaceTime

  • Intuitively guided calls based on what you're needing

  • Action items "soul-work" to be completed for our next call

  • All-Access Pass to Group Meditation Classes


Customized Plan:

  • Astrological birth chart information

  • Connecting with your Intuition

  • Connecting with your Guides

  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

  • Meditations with Sound Bowl Healing

  • Breath techniques

  • Worksheets, journal prompts, activities, and action steps curated solely for you.

  • 24/7 access to your personalized folder including notes from each call

  • A balanced plan between structure and flow to make space for your creativity

  • Connection with my network of healers, teachers, and creatives, based on your needs

12-18 Month Exclusive

  • Breathwork

  • Divine Feminine Embodiment Practice



Early Bird Pricing to Events 

  • Exclusive early-bird pricing- just for you!

  • Includes workshops, classes, retreats, and programs.

12 + 18 Month Package Exclusive:

Supportive Texts/Voice Memos in Between Sessions 

  • Follow up questions

  • Action item support

  • Accountability and check-ins

  • Holding space

18 Month package Exclusive:

An Interview on Spark Intention

  • This is where you'll share your story, purpose, and your offer with the world.

  • Sharing your story will be a guiding light for someone else who wishes to transform their life!

“Working with Jenna has been nothing short of magic.” 


They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And that has been my experience with Jenna. My private personal training business was ready for growth but lacked a clear vision and execution. Together we have taken it from a brainstorm of ideas and molded it into a strong foundation. This includes a website, it’s launch, an apparel site, it’s launch, and marketing and branding strategies across both. Not to mention Jenna adds an element of fairy dust with moral support, creativity, photography and overall fun.


 She is professional, multidimensional, and above all kind. 

-Naseem Zamani, Lifestyle Coach


Why do I have to apply?

  • Chances are, if you've made it all the way down here, you and I will be a perfect fit!

  • This is a big investment, not just monetarily, but to transform your life! It is in integrity for me to ensure you and I will be the best fit possible before we dive in together.

How does payment work?

  • When you book your monthly session, you'll pay through my booking system, Calendly. If you would like to pay in full for 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months we can discuss that during our free consultation call.

Do you have a smaller time-frame guidance package?

What is sound bowl healing?

  • They are powerful crystal bowls that are attuned with different energy centers in the body.

I'm so close to applying, but I'm nervous!

  • I get it! Please know that there are no strings attached just to have a call with me.

  • If you're serious about taking the leap (you'll KNOW), you owe it to yourself to hit that apply button.

I have a few more questions...

Before Jenna's help, I would have been stressed out about my house, my relationship, my wedding, my family, my fiancé's family. I would've been terrified of the idea of a corporate job, I would've hated my home environment, and I would've been sad and feeling like I'm not capable of doing anything meaningful with my life.

But with Jenna's help and guidance, I feel like so many great things are completely within my grasp...

-Haley, corporate employee

Full Transparency Investment

$222 /mo


-6 Months In Full: $1,111 

                        Save $221  (1-month free guidance)


-12 Months In Full: $2,222

                        Save $442  (2-months free guidance)


18 Months In Full: $3,333

                        Save $663  (3-months free guidance)



A note from Jenna:

Don't not apply because of the price. If you feel a soul calling to this program, apply. You might be surprised at what's possible! 

See what they're saying!

Jenna is extremely organized and truly has an answer for every one of the million questions I had when I decided to start my own business. She provided clear milestones (customized to my business) to eliminate my “start-up stress. “


Jenna checked in with me and was readily available whenever I needed to discuss my concerns and bounce ideas. Jenna understood my vision and truly helped me transform a small idea I’ve always had into something tangible. She is encouraging and approachable and I would absolutely use her services again!

-Desiree Forlini, Makeup Artist

Connection, grace, and guidance. The three words I'll use to describe what working with Jenna brought me. Before working with her, I was in an interesting transition. I was leaving behind an identity, job titles, really all the outside things I thought made up me. This was the most wonderful timing because not only was someone giving me space to sit in the uncomfortability of it while also giving me guidance from multiple sources.


Jenna helps you feel guidance from the Above, Below and Within. What this time period guided me to is invaluable. I was guided to my own Power and feel into how that will show up in the world. I feel more connected to Mother Earth, Spirit, and my True Self.

Jenna guided me home.

Lindsey, Personal Trainer

Jenna Monaco is a mystic and creative who guides soul-centered individuals back to their power, peace, and potential through words, products, and services.

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