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Mentee's Will Learn the Spark Intention Method to Lasting Success that they can keep for themselves or take into their own teaching practices.

Ditch the stress:

Take back your life:

Everything begins with a spark of intention to make a change, to follow a new path, to build the business, to connect with your higher self. Whatever the goal is, it takes a spark of intention to set everything into motion.


Own your magick:

Blocks show up in all forms, but the most common block is stress and in many cases, anxiety. Together we will dive in and identify what your blocks are, why they are there, and how to clear them.



We can clear and identify blocks all day, but the real magick happens when we begin to take action. In this step, we work together to create your own specific work that you want to share with the world.


Jenna is a true guiding light, bright and shining and steady! She has such a way of making you feel understood and accepted, and of presenting things in a way that makes you say, "oh yeah, that makes so much sense!" There are never any shoulds with Jenna, like you should be here, or you should be there, or doing this, or doing that.


She makes you feel as though you're in exactly the right place, while also pushing you toward your highest potential. I am eternally grateful for Jenna's guidance and have complete confidence that I'm on the right path thanks to her.

-Kristina Mahr, Author

What's Included:

6 Months- 1 Year Of Working Directly With Me:

90 Minute, Bi-Weekly 1:1 Calls:

The time commitment depends on you, dear soul.

Sometimes there's a lot of healing to be done before you can take off, and sometimes we need less of a jumpstart.

The longest we will contract to work with each other is one year. Then we will re-evaluate where you're at. 



Twice a month we will either meet in person, in the virtual world or via phone depending on your personal preference and (obviously) location.

This call is for YOU.

I always have a plan in case you want me to instruct, but this time is for you. If you want us to go in a direction, the floor is open for you to take the reins.

Please note that at the end of our calls, there will be homework. I fully expect this work to be done, and for you to show up for yourself and get it done, no excuses.


Customized Plan:

Nobody's path is the same and neither is your plan.

I create just enough structure to make sure we are still creating momentum, but I do believe there is something to say for surrendering to the Feminine Devine Flow process.

That being said, as we get to talking, I will create the structure that best suits you and your needs, and as you evolve, so does your plan,



Access to All Workshops and Events hosted by me as well as 50% off Workshops I co-host and an exclusive early-bird price to our October Retreat in Carmel, CA:

Whether it be a full moon circle, a meditation class, workshop, event, or retreat, you are my top priority and anything I teach, you will have access.

When I co-host, I cannot give away their portion of the profits, so you will receive a 50% off discount if you so choose.

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Tarot and oracle are a big piece of my divination self-exploration and healing practices. We can dive as much or as little into these readings as you'd like during your sessions or if you'd like me to pull a card for you on a particular day, I can certainly arrange that along with voice memo guidance surrounding the card. 

Supportive Text/Voice Memos in Between Sessions 

Life happens before and after our calls. You will often feel very grounded, full and ready to take on the world after our sessions.

That being said, life has a beautiful way of applying the lessons we just learned to see if we are ready for the next level.

If and when this happens, you've got my support!

Guided Meditations with Healing Sound Bowl Experience

Meditations connect us and heal us in ways that we can only otherwise achieve in our sleeping state.

With me, you'll have access to resources of meditations I love as well as my own guided meditations with healing sound bowl experience.

What is a Healing Sound Bowl? They are crystal bowls that are attuned with a different chakra of the body. I have two; the first is made of Kyanite and opens the heart chakra. Its sound helps with opening channels of intuition. The second is made of Ruby and it connects with the root chakra. Grounding is important for the work we do. Depending on the day, I will determine which bowl will best serve you.


An Interview on Spark Intention

Your story is VALUABLE and needs to be shared! Consider this interview, your final assignment with me.

This is where you'll share your story, your purpose, and your offer with the world. No matter what profession, you came to me because you needed balance and needed to be rooted in purpose, and others need that too. Sharing your story will be a guiding light for someone else. 

“Working with Jenna has been nothing short of magic.” 


They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And that has been my experience with Jenna. My private personal training business was ready for growth but lacked a clear vision and execution. Together we have taken it from a brainstorm of ideas and molded it into a strong foundation. This includes a website, it’s launch, an apparel site, it’s launch, and marketing and branding strategies across both. Not to mention Jenna adds an element of fairy dust with moral support, creativity, photography and overall fun.


 She is professional, multidimensional, and above all kind. 

-Naseem Zamani, Lifestyle Coach

Full Transparency Investment:

With Me, You Get Everything Up Front, Including The Price

-$450 a month


-6 Months In Full : $2,222 

                        Save $478  (1 month free coaching)


-1 Year In Full : $4,444

                        Save $950 (almost 2 months free coaching)



Working Together Requires A Soul Calling On Both Ends

We will have a consultation call and see if we are a good match for one another and if I am the best person to help you.

I have a wide network of amazing coaches and mentors. If we aren't a good fit, I'll make sure you get someone who is-- scouts honor!

 Exploring What's Financially Possible

Part of our consultation call will be discussing what's financially possible.

-I will not allow anyone I work with to go into debt to work with me.


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