Step Into Your Magic

Tools for your personal and spiritual growth journey.

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I spent over $650 a month on coaching so you don't have to...

You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. You just have to COMMIT to your growth.

Stay On Track:


You don't have to do this all alone! Community and support is available at every level of membership.

Cancel/Upgrade Any Time


This is about YOU. If it's not the right fit, you can cancel OR upgrade any time.


What level should I sign up for?

Here's your first test of intuition... What words resonate? First answer, best answer.


Level 1: Priestess
The Begining

Level 1 is for you if you're a: 
✨vivid dreamer
✨ability to unlearn + re-learn
✨ready to take the first step toward confidence, clarity, and prosperity.



Level 3: Empress
Ready to share

Level 3 is for you if you: 
✨trusts intuition and acts off of "nudges"
✨want to explore ancient wisdom
✨ready to bring your idea into the world
✨looking to connect deeper with community



Level 2: High Priestess
Step it up

Level 2 is for you if you're a: 
✨would consider yourself to be "spiritual"
✨has an affinity to the moon and nature
✨looking to understand and utilize your intuition
✨familiar with tarot, astrology, or other "spiritual tools"



Level 4: Goddess
Ready to lead

Level 4 is for you if you: 
✨are ready to share your story with the world
✨looking for personal guidance from Jenna
✨looking to get paid for your gifts and talents
✨want to use ancient wisdom to support you on your journey.


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Full Transparency Investment


$11.11 /mo

High Priestess:

$22 /mo


$44 /mo


$88 /mo

  • cancel/upgrade any time

  • bundle and save pricing available




Are you ready to change your life one month at a time?