Step Into Your Magic

Tools for your stage of awakening.

Strengthen your relationship to your intuition and gain the wisdom, clarity, and confidence you seek.

I spent over $650 a month on coaching so you don't have to...

You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. you just have to COMMIT to your growth.

Stay On Track:

Much of "failure" comes from trying to do it ALL...alone.

Basic membership includes accountability meetings and office hours with Jenna and the rest of the group so you can have fun AND get shit done.

Cancel/Upgrade Any Time

This is about YOU not me. I'm confident you'll love this program and community, but I also understand that sometimes things just aren't the right fit. Cancel OR Upgrade any time.

What level should I sign up for?

Here's your first test of intuition... What words resonate? First answer, best answer.

Level 1: Priestess


The Groundwork for your personal growth journey begins here! 

Level 1 is for you if you're a: 

✨vivid dreamer
✨strong gut feelings
✨ability to unlearn + re-learn
✨ready to take the first step toward self-healing, self-empowerment, and self-love

Level 3: Empress


The magic starts to multiply.

Level 3 is for you if you: 

✨self-reflection is as natural as breathing
✨have a deep understanding of the mind, body, and soul connection
✨trusts intuition and acts off of "nudges"
✨values ancient wisdom and knowledge
✨has their own creation/idea they want to or are bringing to the world
✨beginning to understand how they attract their own abundance
✨ready to acknowledge their role as a leader and change-maker on this earth

Level 2: High Priestess


The next step in your personal growth journey begins here.

Level 2 is for you if you're a: 

✨would consider yourself to be "spiritual"
✨has an affinity to the moon and nature
✨used to inspecting your own feelings
✨learning to understand the voice of the ego v. voice of intuition
✨familiar with tarot, astrology, or other "spiritual tools"
✨seeking more emotional resilience and self-confidence

Level 4: Goddess


Embodying the fullest expression of YOU.

Level 4 is for you if you: 

✨use your voice
✨believe in yourself enough to commit
✨know your worth on an intellectual level
✨trust your intuition implicitly
✨knows and sets boundaries
✨ready to embody your divinity in its healed form
✨looking to get paid for how you already help people
✨are seeking sisterhood and community
✨are seeking to become a master of your emotions

Full Transparency Investment


$11.11 /mo

High Priestess:

$22 /mo


$44 /mo


$88 /mo

  • cancel/upgrade any time

  • bundle and save pricing available




What is this "theme of the month"?

  • Each month, I will do an oracle reading that will determine the "theme of the month". This theme will be carried out in all the bonus content so that we can focus on one area of our life at a time.

When is the content released?

  • At the start of each month the new content will be released.

  • Q+A's and 1:1 calls will be determined and announced at the beginning of each month.

Is there a way to work with you 1:1?

  • The Goddess Level 4 Membership grants you a 30-min call with me each month.

  • Or check out my Intuitive Guidance Program for a deep-dive personal transformation.

Still have questions?

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Are you ready to change your life one month at a time?

Jenna Monaco is a mystic and creative who guides soul-centered individuals back to their power, peace, and potential through words, products, and services.

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