I spent 10 years of my life waiting for my purpose to fall into my lap, and it never happened.

Only when I began my mental health management journey did I uncover just how necessary taking a holistic approach would be.


In aligning my mind, body, and spirit, I have witnessed in myself and others the benefits this approach has in every aspect of life, including unfolding our purpose.

I'm dedicated to helping you master your mindset so you can stop feeling stuck, harness the power within yourself, and amplify your life on every level.

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I'm Jenna,

The only way out of feeling stuck is to do. One messy step at a time. 

-Jenna Monaco

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I speak on, write about, and guide others towards healing inner blocks so they can confidently continue on their path to purpose. 

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Mindset Mastery and Musings: 

A  Blog

April 27, 2018

 I hear the term mindfulness tossed around a lot. Whenever I go to read about it, I don't get a clear definition, it's always some lengthy response that involves some story about living in the present or meditation or being one with the universe. 

It wasn't until recently that I really...

April 21, 2018

 I feel so lucky to live so close to San Francisco. People travel all over the world to come to a city that has been in my backyard my whole life. My parents grew up in San Francisco. My dad and his mother grew up in the mission and my mom grew up in the Sunset district where it's foggy and cold and...

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Old Soul's Guidebook

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