To create a community that deliberately celebrates all bodies, and redefines the concepts of health and well-being according to each individual.

Take Care rejects the Diet Mentality where food is the enemy, needing to be controlled and restricted in order to reach an ideal weight. We believe in the practice of Intuitive Eating, an approach to nutrition aimed at redefining health, healing our relationships with food, and becoming the experts of our own bodies.

We aim to foster a space that is weight neutral, meaning we believe in health at every size and do not focus on weight loss as a goal. (We understand that things are never cut and dry. Use scale weight as a measure of your progress if you want to, you are the boss of your own body, but we focus only on non-scale successes and refrain from posting before/after pictures, sharing the numbers on a scale or changes in measurements).


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Katie Winnen

Founder of 

Take Care. 

Jenna Monaco is a mystic and creative who guides soul-centered individuals back to their power, peace, and potential through words, products, and services.

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