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Pleased to Meet You

So, I guess I should have done an introduction as my first post, but there is something you should know about me and that is that I'm fairly unconventional. Especially when it comes to creative ventures.

This is a perfect example of typical me; diving right into a project with a vague idea and leaving the rest up to my intuition.

Anyway, I'm like 90% of the population (maybe more) and I'm not very good with introductions because I'm still settling into the mindset of owning who I am without feeling like that is narcissistic.

So, with all of that being said, this is me. Hi, I'm Jenna. I write, and paint and eat loads of peanut butter. I box and do yoga. Health of the mind body and spirit is a top priority in my life. I have a 14 year old cat who is quite the chatterbox, a 7 year old sass queen of a guinea pig named Lola, and a 4 year old lab who is a complete goof.

In case you forgot what my face looked like. Here it is. Photo was taken by a very talented Bay Area woman named Monse Zamora. Check out her instagram @zesnom

In case you forgot what my face looks like. This photo was taken by an extremely talented Bay Area photographer named Monse Zamora. Check out her insta @zesnom

I work at an indie bookstore and buy all of the cards, journals, games and calendars. To say the job is fun would be an understatement, though I discourage romanticizing working at a bookstore.

We don't sit behind the counter and read all day. That would be epic, but that's not what we do. It's busy, crazy, and tiring and difficult at times and I love it.

I love my bookstore family and getting to see how writing and stories can create such a vast community. I love being surrounded by words all day. I love being surrounded by people who understand me, and people I understand. It's fantastic.

If you've read my about me section, you know that I am also in school for creative writing. I have a degree in Marketing from FIDM in San Francisco. I am a Bay Area native. My parents grew up and met in San Francisco. My grandmother was born and raised in San Francisco as was her mother. This lineage is something I've recently grown very fond of as I feel a strong connection to my home. Even if the traffic is a donkey's behind. Anyway, moving on.

I travel.

A lot.

As often as I can, because I love new experiences, meeting new people and seeing new things. I'm very curious about the world we live in and I am privileged enough to be able to explore that.

In the past two years, I've been to Denver, Portland, Lake Tahoe, Maui, Charleston, Chicago, Nashville, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Mount Shasta, Seattle, Big Sur, Capitola... I'm missing some, but you get the idea.

My travel essentials. Got my workout gear. My shakes (I'm sure you'll hear me chat about those at some point), all of my makeup and products, hats and of course, books!

I live and breathe creativity. So, because of that, this space may or may not become a lifestyle blog in the future with a focus on reading and books. I just can't say for certain because I go where my intuition takes me in the moment.

One of just a few bookcases in the house.

I guess I should also mention that I paint. It's the one thing I can confidently say that I'm really talented at. << That sentence alone felt awful writing because of the whole narcissistic thing I mentioned earlier. I'm sure as we progress on this blog I will touch more on that idea of being able to be confident and humble at the same time. I read a lot of self help books. Go ahead, roll your eyes if you'd like, but I find a lot of value in them. They help put me on the highest energy level I can function at, and that's when magic happens.

The watercolor is my latest work. The other two were done in high school circa 2007. @*%$ that was a decade ago! *hyperventilates just little bit*

Anyway, I wrote my bullet journal post a few months back now (I swear, I don't know where the time is going). I am proud to say that I have completed my first bullet journal and I am on to my second one. I've tweaked a few things to make it the most functional it can be for me, and I look forward to posting about that too.

That's really all there is to know about me. I'm creative, I love sharing ideas and cultivating communities. I love writing and books and this may or may not become a lifestyle blog in the future (because I want a space to talk about photos like the one below more often).

Even though my posts may not be as consistent because this is a side project, you can expect to come here, read some fun things, maybe get some good ideas and leave feeling good. If you leave this page feeling less than positive, I want you to put me in check, because my biggest goal here and in life is to spread positive vibes and help others help themselves to the abundance and joy they deserve.



Jenna's Writing Tips


Take the time to study why you love a certain piece of work. 



Write. A lot. Often. As much as you can. Work on writing really good sentences. 



Be a sponge to writing insight from the pros. Write it down, listen to a recording, read and re-read. Whatever it takes. Soak it in and use it.

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