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Intuitive Guidance March 2020

I've been debating for a few weeks now how to get these messages out in the world.

I journal just about every day and I am currently working on making this a non-negotiable daily habit. Because when I do, there's a lot of messages that come through.

And when I say come through, I mean, I believe they are coming from Spirit/Guides/Whatever language you want to call it.

I wasn't sure anyone else would want to hear them, but I had to honor the nudge that I kept getting to share share share.

So, here we are.

I'll be sharing with you all some channeled excerpts from my journals with the intention that they bring you as much peace as they bring me (if not more).

But before I go into that, I did a few card pulls to see what kind of energy we need for our healing right now.

Animal: Humpback Whale - Singer. Sing healing songs for the world. Your inner navigation always guides you. Nothing can stop you or keep you from your goal. Align with your purpose and the power in your soul.

Angelic Message: Intention. Your intentions create your experiences. What do you intend to happen? Make sure your thoughts and feelings reflect your true intentions. Create clarity by asking yourself the hard questions.

New Moon in Aires : The intention has been sparked! The element of fire is on your side. Anchor yourself in your mindfulness practices and let your passion blaze. Just remember to stay grounded. We all need focus AND flow.

Celtic Tree Oracle: Quert Apple. Ground yourself in nature and gratitude. What are you doing for the earth right now? How are you showing her appreciation for holding you--you are held. Take time to thank mother earth and all of her helpers seen and unseen and watch the abundance that unfolds around you and within you.

You can check out the decks I use and more here! (Healing with the Angels is out of print I think).

Now lets dive into the messages:

March 12, 2020

This virus is forcing us to face a great and many things:

1. Where is our faith?

2. How connected we truly are. Our energy feeds the collective. If we act as one in panic, there will be panic, if we act as one in love, there will be love.

3. Where is the "me first" attitude NOT serving us anymore. Look at our health care system (in the US). By not giving free access to health care for all we are harming OURSELVES. The more we help those who cannot help themselves, the better off EVERYONE is.

4. Panic + Anxiety. We cannot ignore these feelings anymore. We must face them. We are not given a choice anymore, we are literally being contained in our house to face it all. We cannot numb out with our day to day routine anymore.

5. Racism. Self explanatory.

6. Lack of trust in the government and their ability to keep us safe.

7. How the media influences our actions and imagination. It is not a coincidence that this is happening after the zombie apocalypse craze just a few years back.

8. History repeating itself when it doesn't have to.

9. The very real threat of climate change and our global impact.

We have to assess here. There is a lot to reflect on, and now that we are stuck inside, might it be the best opportunity to really STOP and listen on a GLOBAL scale?

The world as we knew it is coming to an end. This is not something to fear. We must learn to embrace the changes and adapt if we are to survive as a species. We can once again live as caretakers of the earth. Everything is an energetic exchange, whatever we take, we give, and whatever we give we must also receive. The earth gives us all that we need, and in turn, we must give her what she requires.

Do we not see the correlation between this virus and us as a virus to this planet?



Causing the earth's fever; warming the global climate, not only killing for consumption but killing for no purpose other than convenience. We are killing off her source of oxygen; cutting down the rainforests, becoming sources of fire and destruction, making it hard for her to breathe.

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

No one has done this to us. We as a collective must take responsibility for our part, for better or worse.

Mass consumption, as we see it now is an act of fear, not love.

Hoarding and greed, one of the 7 deadly sins. Tell me, is it not killing you? Placing you you in the confinement of your own personal hell to feed fear?

We must become different. We must be different. We must elevate. The sins aren't punishment after you die, they're self inflicted wounds we carry in the here and now.

The old ways won't work.

We are our own enemies.

We choose to stay in fear.

At any time we can return to love!

Help Mama Earth breathe again.

You can be her medicine, her antibodies. You do not have to be her virus.


March 15, 2020

Embrace the unfolding.


March 16, 2020

Create art.

Show the beauty of the world. Don't let people forget. You mustn't let people forget. Let them focus on beauty. The Italians know of art and beauty. That is why they cope with beautiful things, such as gathering by singing from their balconies.


Creativity will spark hope in the darkest tunnels of despair.

Remember your ancestors. Remember who they are. Connect with them now. They are here and they want to work with you. You are more like them than you know. They've also endured hard times. They are able to impart wisdom.

Your Spirit Guides want you to know that your focus must be on your mission at hand.

The money, the home, everything you desire here is already done, but you're not on that part of the timeline yet in this reality.

The world will not be the same after this, and neither will you. You are held through this transformation.

Be the light.

You are a child of light. It is time for you to step out and shine.

There will be times when you want to go back, but we ca only go forward.

You get back what you give x 3.


March 18, 2020

We are a duality.

Connected in body and spirit. To harm the earth is to harm your vessel. A suicide of sorts. To disconnect from your soul causes a distortion of sorts.

A focus on what doesn't matter. A depression and regression.

This virus, as we mentioned before is a direct reflection of the energy of consumption while in the illusion.

There is no consciousness. No stopping and thinking. It is a blind operation. This will wake some up, open their eyes and see the great healing power of the earth.

We must wake up to survive.

Wake up by going in.

Adapt to a changing time and stay awake.

The law of attraction is not separate from what is happening. This time will pass, but there is a new normal that you must accept. Take time to grieve, so as not to hold onto the past. Take time to grieve so that you can move on and embrace a new life that awaits.

The world needs you, but you also need the world. Without her, there is no life on this planet.

This is the soul's journey.

This is what the soul comes to learn.

You are connected completely and totally.

There is no separation between body and earth, and no separation between soul and the holy spirit--the collective Universe.

This is no. Predictions come to pass; the great scholars of earth were energetic masters who came to show you where you would evolve. Not separate from. Not either or. You are completely connected.

Above and below.

The time on the linear scale is up to you.

All it takes is intention and conscious action.

Conscious connection.


Operating from the upper room (as Paul Selig would say).

Where this is only love.

Only faith.

Only truth.

You can do anything.

Free will is not to be tampered with. This is how we ensure true mastery and growth. Commitment is essential.

Conscious. Mindfulness. Slowing down to make decisions from the soul space.

Always write down your dreams.

They will always guide you.

you are getting stronger each day. Trust. We've got you. Just don't give up.

Tell everyone not to give up.

The soul doesn't know defeat. Defeat is only found through the eyes of the ego.

Crack yourself open.


And we will fill the empty spaces with love.

We love you.

Share this for all to see. Trust that we are always with you.

And that's all for now! Let me know if this resonated with you, helped you, supported you or just in general any thoughts! I know I get so much clarity when I read these back so I hope it brings you the same or something better!

Hang in there, I love you, we will get through this.



Jenna's Writing Tips


Take the time to study why you love a certain piece of work. 



Write. A lot. Often. As much as you can. Work on writing really good sentences. 



Be a sponge to writing insight from the pros. Write it down, listen to a recording, read and re-read. Whatever it takes. Soak it in and use it.

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