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If you have ever wondered what Jenna can do for you…. I highly recommend you sign up for a 30 min session with her. I can only speak on my own personal experience… for me she is my life guide. She helps me get shit done, break down barriers, work through my anxiety, GROW, discover my strengths & talents, I didn’t know existed, learn how to use my intuition and most importantly she challenges me to be my authentic self.

Tracy / Corporate Employee

Jenna is a true guiding light, bright and shining and steady! She has such a way of making you feel understood and accepted, and of presenting things in a way that makes you say, "oh yeah, that makes so much sense!" There are never any shoulds with Jenna, like you should be here, or you should be there, or doing this, or doing that.

She makes you feel as though you're in exactly the right place, while also pushing you toward your highest potential. I am eternally grateful for Jenna's guidance and have complete confidence that I'm on the right path thanks to her.

Kristina / Author

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To be honest I was a little intimidated by Jenna, and having my first session with her, I sank into such inner relaxation, like sinking into a delicious hot spring. I felt so welcomed and safe to share my whole self, my weirdness, my sorrow, my joys, and memories that moved me to tears.


The wisdom she offered me flowed from love and humility that was so inviting, that my inner wisdom welled up to meet her. Together we found treasures of Truth that were practical - and so easy to implement - bringing more space for me into my day.


Later, when I shared with my wife the most potent ideas from my session with Jenna, she said, “I’ve been waiting for you to realize that for so long! I’m so glad Jenna helped you see that in a way that you could really take it in.”


The takeaways I got from Jenna are now fundamental parts of my intention setting and planning for the coming year. I am so grateful for all that she sees and helped me see on my own.

Nihal / Acupuncturist

Before Jenna's help, I would have been stressed out about my house, my relationship, my wedding, my family, my fiancé's family. I would've been terrified of the idea of a corporate job, I would've hated my home environment, and I would've been sad and feeling like I'm not capable of doing anything meaningful with my life.

But with Jenna's help and guidance, I feel like so many great things are completely within my grasp.

Haley / Corporate Employee

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