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How to Social Distance Without Losing Your Mind : A 3 Step Guide

Let me start off by saying that I feel like I've been training for "Social Distancing" and "Shelter in Place"ing my entire life.

I'm kidding, but like, where's the joke?

I'm an introvert (most days), and an only child who spent the majority of my life keeping myself occupied, in line, and self sufficient.

That being said, I also know how hard social distancing can be for an extrovert. Why? because I wasn't always "introverted" in fact, depending on the day, my Myers Briggs will tell you I'm an extrovert. I really enjoy being around people that I love and care about and spending quality time with those I love lights me up like a Christmas tree.

However, as circumstances would have it, I learned at a very young age how to deal--and thrive--with being alone, staying inside, and creating.

A lot.

And when I flew out to watch my writing partner's pet's over the summer I left the house once in 10 days.

(it was fantastic).

Before we get into this though, I need you to be SUPER honest with yourself.

Ever been this person?

Or maybe you've said something like this?

or the classic....

If I just had a little more TIME.

No judgement, I've been there too!

Also, I realize that for parents this might be different.

All I'm saying is that there's probably NEVER (hopefully) going to be another time where you literally are legally required to stay home for 3 weeks.

So instead of focusing on how crappy that can be, I invite you to try a new, supportive mindset: be open to possibilities!

Now, let's get into my top 3 secret weapons to stay sane while on total lock-down:

1. Structure:

Make a schedule and stick to it. I kid you not this will be your saving grace. We are creatures of habit. You take all structure out of any equation and you're met with a crumbling mess. Do your mental health a favor and write down a schedule for yourself.

Pro tip: make sure to include self-care practices which include but are not limited to eating nutritious meals, meditation, journaling, movement, hot baths, calling a friend, watching something funny on TV etc.

Here's a sample for you all of what a day will look like:

6AM - Wake up and feed the animals

6:30AM - Meditate and Morning Pages/Write down my dreams

7AM - make my hot water, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar

8AM- feed the crows in my backyard

8:30AM- make a list of to-dos for the day

9:00AM- Write for an hour

10AM-Podcast Interviews and phone calls start

12PM- Breakfast (I do intermittent fasting)

1PM- Connection + follow up calls

3PM- Make lunch and eat

4PM- Answer emails

4:30- Stretch, dance, play and/or work out

6PM- Write IG + High Vibe Tribe Post and Post it.

6:30PM-Spend time with Chris

7PM- Dinner

8PM- Bath time

8:45PM-Cuddle into bed with a good book

9:30PM- Lights out

Now it's important that you stick to this like it's a lifeline, so make a schedule that works and supports YOU. This might take a few days to tack down and don't beat yourself up if you stray a little, give yourself time to figure out the schedule that works for YOU. This also might vary from day to day.

Next, Have fun with it! Draw on it, make it colorful, adorn it with stickers. Do whatever you gotta do, but make it work for you!

Schedules will provide you with structure, yes, but they will also help you stay focused on things within your control. A mind who has too much time is a mind that worries.

Trust me.

Help yourself out by giving yourself a structure.

2. Creativity:

Your creative genius will be your greatest ally right now. And if you tell me that you're not creative then I invite you to think about all the ways everything you already do is creative. Creativity doesn't just come in forms of art like drawing. Creativity can come in forms of new business ideas, ways to help and support others, writing letters, etc.

Some ways I utilize my creativity:

1. Watching YouTube tutorials for things that I've always wanted to learn or try.

2. Watching movies and shows to spark my creative juices

3. Reading books

4. Painting

5. Cooking

6. Writing

7. Writing Letters

8. Calling a friend and making them laugh

9. Dancing or making up a dance

10. Drawing

11. Origami

12. Puzzles and brain teasers

13. Card games- yes, strategy takes creativity!

14. Video Games

15. Learning something I've been wanting to learn and already have the supplies for: scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, playing the guitar, tinkering in the garage etc.

16. Playing with the pets

17. Writing songs

18. Put on a play like literally make a play and perform it... no, I'm not too cool for it.

19. Take a walk outside

20. Plan cute outfits every day. Doesn't matter if you're the only one seeing them, it's getting creative that matters.

21. Build a fort

22. Create supportive visualizations for my dream future

23. Keep up with my gratitude journal

24. Try new an at-home workouts

25. Try new meditations and visualizations

And when all else fails I can just track my husband down and bug him ;)

"Creativity is only as limited as my imagination." - Jenna Monaco

3. Connection:

Yes, connection. I know that sounds counter intuitive. Like, helloooo the whole point is to NOT connect. Truth is, we have the incredible ability to be anywhere in the world with the touch of our fingertips. Maybe not physically, sure, but we've got Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and all sorts of ways of staying connected these days.

Sure, staying off of social media scroll and limiting news can be REALLY beneficial and something I would HIGHLY recommend right now.


We as humans NEED to stay connected to those we love, especially right now. Our physical bodies might need to stay isolated, but that doesn't mean that WE have to be socially isolated.

Call your friends. FaceTime with your clients. Check in. Chat with Grandma for a bit.

Stay connected. The more "face time" you get with others who give you life, the more comfort you'll feel. Join online classes, workshops, and other virtual meeting groups to keep your sense of community.

Connecting isn't an option. This is a necessary step, even for a good old introvert like myself. We need connection to feel safe and happy.

I mean, maybe some people don't need connection, I never like to speak for everyone, but for the most part, this is a very important step. Here are a few of my favorite online SMALL BUSINESSES that you can support right now and also connect with others #notsponsored

2. Anchor Meditation: Right now they are offering 14 Days of Online Meditation classes for $20! And you can listen to my episode with the founder, Kelly Ryan on Spark Intention right now!

3. Spark Intention High Vibe Tribe: Okay, so this isn't a business, BUT I'm there every day with a little something something for you all and I'll be doing a lot more lives and connecting during this time. If you're not there yet, jump in! I'll be announcing free meditations and group connection times just to check in, connect and support you all during this time!

Other ways to support local businesses:

1. Share on social media

2. Like and comment on their posts

3. Buy Gift Cards

So there you have it, the three steps I take to THRIVE during a period of self-distancing! Now put that phone down, tap that little airplane mode, and get to creating that schedule!

If you need extra support, please feel free to schedule a complimentary guidance call, or, if you'd like to support, you can also head on over to my 1:1 Single Guidance Call page and purchase a session.

All my love,


Jenna's Writing Tips


Take the time to study why you love a certain piece of work. 



Write. A lot. Often. As much as you can. Work on writing really good sentences. 



Be a sponge to writing insight from the pros. Write it down, listen to a recording, read and re-read. Whatever it takes. Soak it in and use it.

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