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Let's talk about the "M" word

I won't lie...

There’s always been a huge part of me that says, YEAH, I’ll believe in ✨manifestation✨ when Taylor Swift is standing in front of me calling me her BFF.

*looks up at sky and whispers please* 🙏🏼

I mean, while we are at it, Dylan O'Brien too because I truly think we could be the best of friends. H-o-n-e-s-t-l-y, I'd just be laughing the entire time, I just know it.

No, but seriously, when Spirit chose this as the "Theme" of the month in the Patreon, I was like, s*&$ really???

So, since December (when I was presented with this information), I've been really sitting with this question of how the eff I'm going to teach something I'm not even sure how I feel about?

I took some classes, read some money books, brushed up on the ol' patriarchal classic, Think and Grow Rich.

And somewhere between writing my first non-fiction book (deets coming soon) and doing money spells I found on TikTok, this realization rocked my world like my bestie Taylor Swift rocked 2020.

I realized that manifestation, as it was taught, has been watered down to the point where it sounds appealing but just doesn't practically...make any sense.

This idea that we bring everything to us feels like a Hallmark version of reality.

I found myself asking, where's the depth? The accountability? The truth?

Manifestation, as it is typically taught (not always, but a lot of the time), strips away all of what makes this world real by bypassing the shadows in the name of "the law of attraction".

So you’re telling me that people bring upon their death, assault, poverty, illness, tragedy, racism, sexism, every ism that exists…????? That’s just like, THEIR fault? They just... brought it to them?

No. I'm sorry, no.

The problem I've found isn't manifestation, rather, how manifestation is typically (not always, but typically) taught.

I now see Manifestation as more of a practice in awareness, inspired action, and letting go.

I do believe that we co-create the world around us. That's why it's so important for us to take accountability for the world we currently live in because it was co-designed by us, our parents, our parents parents, and so forth.

In other words, where we are going is directly informed by where we've been and where we are at. At any given moment, we have the ability to choose differently, creating a potential new outcome, and THAT is manifestation.

So, if manifestation and the way it's typically taught isn't it, then why is it a billion-dollar industry???

Why do I see people making it all the time?

I asked myself the same questions before writing this post. The conclusion I've come to isn't conclusive, but it's a start:

1. It's appealing! You're basically told that if you follow certain steps, you can Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo your damn way through life. Easy peasy. No assembly required. Who wouldn't get curious about that?

2. Go figure, it does work... for some.

Unfortunately, the majority of us end up just buying into false promises and catchy marketing to pay someone more than our student loans in the name of "investing in yourself" to tell you how to change your life with a vision board, affirmations, and "acting as if".

It doesn't work for the majority of people otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. I'd be sipping a virgin strawberry margarita that I had helicoptered in from my favorite Mexican restaurant whilst vacationing with my besties (Taylor and Dylan included, obviously) on my yacht.

My point is, if it worked that way, we'd be living in a different reality.

I used to belong to a network marketing company (before everyone was getting a Sharon sliding into their DM's for health coaching). And they had this big yearly conference that was honestly so fun and inspiring. Even though I didn't sell the products, I liked to go because I loved to see the people on stage and daydream about being that person one day.

Each of those speakers had their face and name on a jumbotron as they spoke along with their slides.

And in the world's tiniest font (for a jumbotron) it said something like, "these top earners do not reflect typical results" 🥲

So here they are, speaking on stage, that you too, can make millions of dollars in the company.

And while it's TOTALLY possible, it's not probable.

But toooootttallly possible.

And it was, and it is.

Which is why Sharon's in your DM's.

But the likelihood of you being on that stage as a top income earner was small.

That's how I see manifestation and how it's taught.

Is it possible for a cookie-cutter method to work for you? TOTALLY. Probable? Not really.

Could everyone manifest their dream reality? I don't see why not. Unless someone or someones is actively working to create a reality that strips others of their free will and power.

Which happens. All the time.

It's complicated, and I don't have all the answers, but what I do have is my truth, and my truth is this: manifestation has worked for me every day without fail.

That's why it's so important to understand the power you have which is being a co-creator in reality.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you HOW to manifest something because I really can't do that (keep reading for reasoning).

I am going to tell you thought my top 10 realizations about manifestation so hopefully, you can start to feel more in flow with manifestation too.

And it starts with finding your own personal manifestation blueprint. I talk about creating this in the Bonus Episode for the Magic Makers on Patreon, but I will conclude here with my top 10 realizations about manifestation:

  1. You're a master manifestor...already: you are manifesting already. There is no wrong way to manifest more of what you want, there's only the right way for YOU, and everyone is a little different because we all have different conditioning, limiting beliefs, energy signatures etc.

  2. "Clarity" is subjective: sure, you want to be clear and careful with what you're asking for, but you can also have a general idea of what you want and that can be enough. For example: "I want a house" v. "I want a house on the water with two bedrooms...." Both can work. Just follow up the former with, "for my highest and best good, and the highest and best good of all beings involved, or something even better." This gives a great open canvas for the Universe to work with, but at least we know we're painting on a canvas and not the walls. You know?

  3. A peek into the future: Manifestation, as I believe it to be, is nothing more than seeing a potential future outcome based on the path you're on. Meaning, you're literally looking into your future. The reason it excites you is that your soul is saying YES, THAT. So when people look at their vision board, they're basically reminding themselves consciously and subconsciously to stay on the path toward that potential outcome for their future.

  4. Magnetic or a being magnetized?: what if instead of looking at ourselves needing to "magnetically attract" what we want, we look at it as taking inspired action and arriving at a specific goal/vision we had in mind because we made it happen.

  5. Time is relative: maybe we aren't "bending time" per se, we're creating more ease. Einstein Time says, the more pleasure you experience, the faster time appears to go. The more anguish you're in, the slower time stretches. Basically, our perception of time matters, which is why things we ask for when we are in deep gratitude, joy, and happiness arrive "quicker".

  6. "Act as if" V. Becoming: we "become the person" who has the thing/life we desire because of the journey toward that desired. Through lessons, insights, challenges, trials, and tribulations, we evolve to be the person who has the capacity for the desired thing/life. "acting as if" doesn't mean spending like a baller when you make minimum wage, it simply means embodying the energy of who you are destined to become on this journey toward the desired thing/life.

  7. Manifestation won't "fix" anything: "if I have ____ I'll be happy." "If I had _____ amount of money, I'd be good." "If I just accomplished ____, I'd be fulfilled." I WISH, but we don't work like that, we always strive toward the next thing. If you're manifesting something to FEEL a certain way, I'm sorry to say it won't fix your problems. Happiness and fulfillment are something you have to learn to experience in the present moment. I promise you, if you stress about something like money, that stress is only amplified with more of it, you've gotta look deeper.

  8. Worthiness and deservedness are not a factor in how much you manifest: clearly. Look at the inequality around us. You can never not be worthy or deserving. Why? Because those two things were man-made creations to keep the masses playing small and feed the pockets of the few.

  9. You've gotta learn how to trust: God/Spirit/Source/The Universe whatever your language is, it is meeting you halfway. There are factors at play we cannot control, and for that reason, you've gotta loosen your grip and let life do its thing. Doesn't life meet you halfway when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and everything that day seems to go wrong? Doesn't life meet you halfway when you get fantastic news and the rest of the day is like pure magic? Life ALWAYS meets you where you're at, for better or worse.

  10. Shadow work is key: I saved this one for last because I have BIG feelings about it. You're not going to manifest some HORRIBLE thing because you lost your shit for a second. We need to diffuse the fear. When we engage in shadow work, our emotions cease to exist as a threat, and inner peace becomes possible. It's okay and natural to move through every emotion. If we take time to honor our feelings, they can no longer halt our progress, feed limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors, or wounds. Shadow work, is the real work, and your manifestation game will thank you.

If you've made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS!

I know it's a lot but there's A LOT to say.

Remember, we are going for a 12-grain artisan bread here, not wonderbread (no shade I love wonderbread) but in this case, we have a plethora of that and it's not enough.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful deep dive into the complexities of manifestation.

Need more support?

Join me on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm PST as I take you through visualizations to support your manifestation journey. Can't make the class? Replay is included with the ticket so you'll have this visualization forevermore.

Find clarity while celebrating with the sacred sisterhood for our Celestial Celebration in honor of the Capricorn Full Moon AND the Summer Solstice! This 90 minute, virtual event, will include a raffle, blessings ceremony, moon magic, and sooo much more 🌞🌕

And if all that wasn't enough, stay tuned for this month's solo podcast episodes where I'll be taking a deeper look at money and manifestation, and my top 5 manifestation stories, what to try, and what to avoid.

Until next time, sending you all great blessings.


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